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3 ways to catch shy horses - without using treats

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

See how it went when trying to catch our latest rescue, who didn`t want to be caught and how it got solved without using pressure, release or treats.

This vlog also shows how I check the body condition of a young filly on a large pasture, who doesn`t want to stand still or be touched, by using approach and retreat.

But being able to catch a horse doesn`t mean the horse knows how to be caught. If you want to make sure your horse knows how to get caught by teaching them to catch you, make sure to teach yourself to communicate with horses through body language.

This video shows these 3 methods for catching hard to catch horses - while making sure they feel comfortable and not trapped and without depending on treats.

Thank you so much for watching! Hope this inspires you to communicate with your horse through action and body language, which is something horses appreciate a lot and understand easily.

Check out the offer at the bottom of this page for more tips on how you can go about using connection and choices when training horses 👉

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